Celebrating inner & outer diamond beauty

Madestones are diamonds created in a laboratory. Timeless white
diamonds and diamonds of beautiful striking color. An affordable,
conscientious and modern choice.

A laboratory grown diamond is a diamond. There is no difference between a diamond occurring naturally and a laboratory grown diamond except ‘origin’.
The most respected diamond grading laboratories the Gemological Institute of America, HRD and the International Gemological Institute provide diamond grading reports certifying that laboratory grown diamonds are exactly the same as natural occurring diamond except that one is created by science.

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Offering affordable brilliance by creating an alliance between artistry and
diamond innovation.

Madestones fine jewellery collection
The Madestones collection blends high quality lab-grown diamonds with the timeless Antwerp design and craftsmanship. And because our lab-grown diamonds are up to 50% cheaper compared to Earth-extracted diamonds, we can offer exquisite pieces at affordable prices.

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Our company

Madestones is an initiative from Thierry Silber.


Thierry has 38 years of experience trading diamonds in Antwerp Belgium, the world’s diamond capital. Madestones is Thierry’s personal vision for the future of the diamond business.

Madestones are a product of modern technology. They marry science to social values. Thierry wants to share his passion for Madestones with everyone.

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