Madestones fine jewellery collection

Offering affordable brilliance by creating an alliance between artistry and diamond innovation.

The Madestones collection blends high quality lab-grown diamonds with the timeless Antwerp design and craftsmanship. And because our lab-grown diamonds are up to 50% cheaper compared to Earth-extracted diamonds, we can offer exquisite pieces at affordable prices.

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The Memories Collection

Made to Celebrate

A modern classics collection that fuses traditional design with a modern elegance, turning life’s most joyous occasions into everlasting memories.

The Mojo Collection

Made for Me

A captivating collection combining stunning pave diamond setting with lush pink gold to give you that touch of extravagance.

The Mirage Collection

Made to Wonder

A carefully crafted collection that combines smart invisible diamond setting with simple design to create wonderful pieces with a mesmerising effect.

The Mellow Collection

Made to Sparkle

A collection of minimalist designs that make the diamonds stand out. Lightweight yet strong.
AWARD Winner in the Category Ethical Jewellery 2019 in the UK.

Bespoke Jewellery

In addition to our own collections, we can offer you lab created diamond jewellery in any custom style you can imagine. See something you love elsewhere or prefer to create something from scratch, the possibilities are endless but the Madestones brilliance is everlasting.