What is a Madestone?

A Madestone is a laboratory grown diamond. There is no difference between a diamond occurring naturally and a laboratory grown diamond except ‘origin’. The most respected diamond grading laboratories the Gemological Institute of America, HRD and the International Gemological Institute provide diamond grading reports certifying that laboratory grown diamonds are exactly the same as natural occurring diamond except that one is created by science.

How is the laboratory grown rough diamond made?

Laboratory grown rough diamonds are produced in a very tightly controlled laboratory environment, under conditions that have been designed to perfectly emulate those in which mined diamonds develop deep below the earth’s surface. Starting with a diamond seed and an external source of carbon (the key molecular component of diamond), extreme pressures and temperatures are applied allowing the carbon source to grow on the diamond seed atom-by-atom and layer-by-layer. This process creates a laboratory grown rough diamond that is then cut and polished like all diamonds.

Are Madestones diamonds?

Yes! Equal in every way.

So Madestones are not like imitation diamonds?

 Imitations are diamond “simulants”. Madestones are man-made diamonds.

Why is the term laboratory grown diamond preferred to synthetic diamond?

Laboratory grown is a term that the consumers understand. The term synthetic has a variety of meanings and is confusing.

In which colours are Madestones available?

Madestones are white, yellow, orange, pink and blue.

Are Madestones less expensive than mined diamonds?

Yes! In white they cost 45-50% less. Yellow, orange, pink and blue are rare and very expensive colours in naturally occurring diamonds, coloured Madestones are affordable and anyone can own one.

Why are Madestones an ethical choice?

Madestones are clean and green. They adhere to the highest social and environmental standards.

All Madestones over 0.30ct are accompanied with a diamond grading certificate which has a traceable identity name and number. All Madestones are clearly labeled as laboratory grown diamonds.

Which certification comes with Madestones?

Madestones are accompanied with full grading reports from the International Gemological Institute, one of the world’s leading gemmological laboratories.

What makes Madestones even more special?

Madestones belong to a category of diamond called Type IIA. Less than 2% of world’s mined diamonds belong to this category, Type IIA diamonds are the most valued and purest form of diamond.

How to buy a Madestone?

The Madestones web shop is soon going online.

Meanwhile visit our buy page for more information.

Please feel free to contact Madestones for more information or to purchase a Madestone.