Madestones provide white and color diamonds.
White Madestones are available in better grades; usually D-J and the majority are VVS-VS clarity. The range of sizes start from as small as 0.90mm to 5cts. Every diamond 0.30ct and larger comes with a diamond report from the International Gemological Institute.

Every diamond is laser inscribed to identify the diamond as a laboratory grown diamond. White Madestones price points are usually 45%-50% less than their natural sisters.

Madestones provide beautiful color diamonds. Madestones color diamonds are pink, blue and yellow. Natural color diamonds are very rare. Their rarity makes their price far beyond the reach of most consumers. Madestones offers spectacular pink, blue and yellow diamonds at extremely attractive prices. Like the whites Madestones, our color diamonds of 0.20ct and larger come with diamond reports and laser inscriptions.

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Madestones are social conscious and environmentally friendly. They offer a new dimension to diamond consumers. 

Madestones are simply a new kind of diamond.

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Madestones are:

  • Non-mined laboratory grown diamonds
  • Socially responsible and environmentally friendly diamonds
  • Ethical diamonds
  • White diamonds and fancy color diamonds
  • Conflict free and sustainable diamonds
  • Modern technology married to tradition
  • An enduring, beautiful and relevant modern alternative