Madestones is proud to announce that we have won the Professional Jeweller award of the best supplier of  ‘Precious Metals and Stones’ of the Year 2018 in the United Kingdom. This means you are buying from a trusted partner who supplies the finest quality along with the best benefits and services. Some of them include:


No VAT pre-financing

Any company in the European Union (except in Belgium) holding a valid VAT number is exempt from any value added tax. Purchases outside the Union do not have to pay any export taxes but all local taxes are applicable depending on the location.


No customs administration and expenses

If you are buying from inside the European Union, you do not have to undergo administrative formalities or bear any custom expenses.


Reduced shipping cost and prompt delivery

We offer shipping within the Union at a highly reduced rate. Our diamonds are fully insured at the time of delivery and within the EU we deliver overnight to most of the countries. Outside the EU, Madestones delivers at reasonable rates.  Depending on the location the delivery time varies between 48 and 72 hours.


Consistent supply

Being the largest lab-grown diamond distributor in Europe, we are holding a large inventory which allow us to supply very quickly your orders. Prompt service is very important to us.


Strict quality control

Each of our diamonds undergoes levels of uncompromising inspection before it leaves our cutting facility and a second time by our sorting team in Antwerp to ensure that our customers get the exact quality they ordered.

Coloured diamonds

We believe that diamonds are for everybody who loves the gem. Till a long time coloured diamonds were only affordable by the rich and the famous but not anymore. Madestones offers coloured diamonds at an affordable price in pink, blue and yellow colours. We have a large inventory to choose from. However, if you do not find something that matches your taste, there is nothing to worry about. We can still help you by custom making them for you at our production unit.


Bespoke or Custom-made diamonds

This is probably one of our best parts because we do not want to disappoint any of our customers. Some of you may have something special in mind and that may not match with our existing products. Do not be disheartened because we have a wonderful team that will work round-the-clock to help you achieve your special piece of jewellery.


Sales and marketing support

We believe in team work and that is why your success matters to us. We offer both sales and marketing support to businesses to educate teams in order that the end consumers leave the store satisfied. We will help you build sales and communication strategies to help your business grow manifold. This can be done via video chat sessions or on site too.


Affordable price

Please feel free to contact Madestones for more information. Receive our price lists and discover the exclusive offer.