Madestones Seminar at Precious 2016, Stockholm

Seminar on ‘Everything About Laboratory Grown Diamonds’ on Sunday, September 11 at 11.00 am in the lecture room. Invited by Dediam, Mr. Silber visits Precious on Sunday. In cooperation with Jan Asplund, the Swedish Gemmological Association, he will cover the science behind these stones, while dispelling some of the more common myths surrounding this topic.

Madestones Seminar at IJL Show 2016

An Exclusive Seminar on ‘All you need to know about laboratory grown diamonds’ on Sunday, September 4 at 1.45 pm. As the production and the popularity of these diamonds increases, so do questions about the products themselves as well as about their impact. Consumers also have questions and, unfortunately, many in the trade still don’t know how…